Scanz Trading Software Review

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Download Scanz stocks trading software that includes market maker level 2 quotes, beautiful charts, technical indicators, and delivers fast market news.

Scanz is a stock trading software that will help you maximize your profits, minimize your losses, and manage your portfolio. Scanz is the best software for novice and experienced traders alike.

If you want to invest your money, it’s essential to know what stocks are the best. Scanz is software that helps you scan your stocks and then advise what to do next.

Scanz software program is a stocks software that enables you to track your stocks, and if you have linked your broker account to trade from inside the software, it will also calculate your gains and losses.

This software is very user-friendly and straightforward to use.

  • With Scanz scanner software, you will be able to find the best stocks for your portfolio
  • You can download a Free Trial of the software for 7-Days no charge whatsoever and see how easy it is to use for yourself

Scanz Stock Scanner Software – 7-Day FREE Trial Sign Up

Scanz Scanner Software 1

Blog Post Overview

Scanz is a popular stock scanning software that runs on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Users can sign up for the free trial and the three different plans: Total Package (News + Scanner), Pro Scanner, and News.

In the following blog post, we will review:

  • Cost
  • Plans Available
  • Scanz Features (Pro, Easy, and News Scanners)
  • Pros and Cons
  • Signing Up For Scanz Free 7-Day Trial
  • Final Thoughts If Scanz Can Benefit Your Trading

How Much Does Scanz Cost

Monthly Plans BreakdownFeatures IncludedMonthly Cost (USD)
Scanz Total
(News + Scanner)

All Features Included
Pro Scanner
Easy Scanner
News Scanner
Level 2
Advanced Functionality
Integrated Broker Trading
Education & Support
Scanz ScannerPro Scanner
Easy Scanner
Level 2
Advanced Functionality
Integrated Broker Trading
Education & Support
Scanz NewsNews Scanner
Education & Support
Addon Package (Optional)Required for Penny Stocks (
Level-1 and Level-2 Market Data for Scanz Scanner or Scanz Total plans
*Plans And Pricing Subject To Change At Anytime

Monthly Cost And Plans (News, Scanner, Total Plan)

Scanz offers a cost-effective monthly subscription for those who want to have up-to-date financial information.

Scanz is a company that provides a variety of services, including financial news and stocks scanner, which is a tool that searches for stock quotes, mergers, and new company announcements.

If you want news and the stock scanner, you should pay $149 per month because it includes both of those functions.

If you only want a news scanner, then it will cost you $79 per month. Lastly, if you wish only to use the stock scanner, it would be $99 per month.

Scanz Pricing ProScanner NewsScanner Total

Best Free Stock Screener Is The Scanz Free Trial

Scanz is Free for 7-Days available for download with no credit card required. The scanner, news, and level 2 quotes are included at no cost for all major exchanges (NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex).

Keep in mind if you require an OTC stock screener for penny stocks, Scanz charges $15 per month as an addon for accessing level2 quotes during the free software trial.

When your trial period of access to the service expires, you will be provided with additional options on how to continue using it.

What Scanz Features Are There?

Scanz is a fast way to find out the latest happenings in the stock market. Scanz scanner software has a Pro Scanner and Easy scanner.

The Pro Scanner is for professional traders, and the Easy Scanner is geared towards beginner traders.

You can decide which one you use as they both will make your job searching for real-time stocks a lot easier.

Scanz Pro Scanner

Scanz Pro Scanner
  • You can make a custom scan using combinations of over 100 variables such as price, volume and technical or fundamental data
  • One of the main benefits includes pre-built scan designs
  • The option to filter through different price, liquidity, technical, or fundamental options depending on your needs
  • Export CSV files of your scan criteria for future analysis which can be a incredibly helpful tool

Scanz Pro Scanner (Stocks Software: Detailed Features List)

Scanz pro is a powerful scanner that will save you time. With its high-speed scanning of the markets, one can instantly receive in-depth analysis and much more.

This program is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to enhance their Day Trading, Swing Trading, or generally any type of trading strategy.

This product will revolutionize the way you use scanners to get fast and new ideas from the markets.

Real-Time ScanningThe most user-friendly, powerful, and flexible stock scanner in existence with point and click scanning is now available.
Fully CustomizableOne of the more powerful features of Pro Scanner is its ability to handle variable scans, multi-rule scans, and everything else you can throw at it. It’s your imagination that sets your limits on this feature.
Preconfigured ScansHave you been looking for a place to start? The library of over 100 pre-configured scans will let do this quickly. Gappers, Momentum, Dead cat bounces, and more.
Unlimited Saved ScansThere is no limit to how many scans you can create for yourself which are available right away with one click.
Price FiltersCustomers can pick from over 50 Price Variables such as Last Prices, Bids, Asks, and much more.
Liquidity FiltersFrom the deep library of liquidity variables, you can choose Volume, Dollar Volume, and much more.
Technical FiltersThe deep library of Technical Indicators and Oscillator variables includes Moving Averages, MACD indicators, Bollinger Bands, and much more.
Fundamental FiltersA broad range of fundamental variables are possible, including Financials; Share Structure (representing how much is available for an investor to buy); Float (shares that were sold but not yet backed by the company like Stock Buy-backs), and Market Capitalization.
Scan by MarketCombine different markets using the software to have multiple levels of data representation in one place. This saves time by maximizing efficiency while still being flexible with what you are choosing for each level's priority.

Have Nasdaq, NYSE and OTC Scans running. Combine them so you can click with ease on many things.
Scan by Stock TypesIf you're looking to get specific, Scanz has a Stock Type function that allows for changes in securities and type. From regular security listings all the way down to bankrupt stock bargains, Delinquent stocks, or foreign lists.
Smart MemoryYour scans will be extremely relevant with the data columns that represent each individual scan because all columns of data that are saved after a scan will be remembered for the corresponding scans.
Auto-Sorting/RankingTo avoid unnecessary work, you can use the auto-sorting feature on your app to see which stocks have a lot of volatility and liquidity.
Powerful Data ColumnsGet access to the data that helps you make decisions. Generate reports with data to help you make the right decisions. These analyses can include important information about the company, technical indicators, price, and liquidity.
Download ResultsWant to take information from your Scanz app and pass it outside of the App? Download any of your scans as a CSV file. Once you've exported the results, start crunching numbers with spreadsheet software on your computer program.

Scanz Easy Scanner

Scanz Easy Scanner
  • Easy Scanner has been designed for people who want a quick and easy way of scanning for trades
  • Quickly compare securities, check prices movements of the day, and have all of this information in one window
  • From 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, quickly find and capitalize on pre-market and after-hours moves from active stocks
  • Beginner-friendly search engine for finding good results
  • When you don’t know where else to turn for results, try the Scanz Easy Scanner

Scanz Easy Scanner (Stocks Software: Detailed Features List)

Scanz Easy Scanner Features provides scanning features that can be used by individuals to check markets with ease of use and lots of versatility.

The difficulty of trading is already difficult enough, so scanning should be easy. The Easy scanner can automate delivering hot trade ideas within minutes of setup time.

Scanz offers a wide variety of solutions for different needs, that are convenient for anyone who wants to actively scan different markets and stocks for opportunities on the go.

Zero Effort RequiredScanning should be easy. To make it easier there is a scanner that, with less than a minute of setup time before it delivers hot trade ideas on what to buy and sell in the market.
Filter by MarketEasy Scanner results can be broken down by market in order to meet the needs of any trader. Reduces the time it takes to analyze stocks.
Total Market TransparencyNo need to spend hours scrolling through screens. Get the latest stock market information in one simple window and with no lag time.
Filter by Stock TypeFilter by stock type, so you can find the best stocks for your portfolio. Easily find stocks you want to invest in such as ETFs, foreign stocks, bankrupt stocks, preferred stocks, OTC stocks.
Sector ScannerScanz Easy Scanner lets traders know what the next hot sector is going to be, so they can trade accordingly. Get alerts when a sector is about to take off.
Unparalleled SpeedLightning-fast streaming data. Easy Scanner provides lightning-fast streaming data on a platform that was built for speed.
Custom FiltersHelps you find the information you need without having to search through the entire list.
Short Squeeze ScannerProvides a list of stocks that have all the signs of an impending price squeeze and are on the verge of an upcoming short squeeze.
ETF ScannerTrack the performance and find the top-performing ETFs at your fingertips.
Auto-Sorting/RankingGet the best trading opportunities showing volatility, liquidity, or pure momentum. Auto-Sorting tools help you narrow in on the best trading opportunities
Powerful Data ColumnsAdd custom columns to fetch data ranging from technical indicators, fundamentals, to short interest.
Index ScannerChoose any index and find the best-performing stocks.

Scanz Stock Scanner Software – 7-Day FREE Trial Sign Up

Scanz Pros and Cons


  • Scanz is the easiest to use, with a user-friendly interface
  • Scanz is the most reliable, with the most features
  • Helps you manage your portfolio
  • Easy to learn, so you can start trading stocks in minutes
  • Clean, intuitive interface that’s easy to use
  • Large library of stocks to search from
  • Scanz is compatible with the majority of operating systems
  • Data for Level 2 is available and nicely displayed
  • It is possible to use custom filters for specific scans
  • The best stocks can be found with stock data that is updated in real-time
  • Have all the stocks information you need in one window
  • Chart tools for drawing
  • Easily add Technical Indicators to analyze stocks


  • Pay $15 extra for Over-The-Counter (OTC), Penny Stocks Level 2 Data
  • Higher price scanner. However, this is a quality scanning tool and well worth the money
  • Broker integration has only been implemented with two brokers including Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade
  • Scanz has been slower to add additional broker trading platforms (Ally, Vanguard, Fidelity, Robinhood, Trade Station, E-Trade, Just2Trade) for integrated trading

Scanz News Scanner (Stocks Software: Detailed Features List)

Scanz News Scanner is an app that collects news articles and feeds them to you in real-time. You can choose what type of news to follow, how often you want it delivered, and even incorporate news into your trading style.
News In Real-TimeBy giving you early access to market-moving stories, the news scanner offers you a market edge. If you have never used a news scanner, Scanz is one of the best and easiest for both advanced and new beginners to use with customizable options.
SEC Filings In Real TimeSome of the most important news stories aren't reported until it's too late. Scanz can immediately notify you of time-sensitive SEC filings and press releases. 
Multiple News Outlets (Over 60+ Providers)Scanz aggregates news from over 60 wire services to alert you what's going on in the markets.
Finance And Blog News (Over 50+ Providers)Scanz gathers news from over 50 financial websites and blogs so you don't miss out on important market updates.
Amazing User InterfaceScanz has a clean, modern interface to track news notifications and read complete items simply.
Personalized News Search (Keyword Specific)Using the completely customized keyword filters, get the precise news headlines you're looking for. Get news stories on the most popular industries, subjects, and more.
Sound AlertsEnable audio reminders not to miss news releases. Scanz has audio reminders built-in, that keep checking the news streamer.
Filters That Can Be CustomizedBy setting custom filters to your news streamer, you may focus entirely on the news that matters to you. Do you want to learn about penny stocks? For that, there's a filter. Are you just interested in NASDAQ news? For that, there's also a filter.
Completely CustomizableThe Scanz news scanner was built from the ground up to be customizable. If you want to adjust the window style or fully change the scanning criteria, the Scanz charts and technical indicators have many options for you.
Ticker Symbol SearchUse the extensive library of news and press releases to stay up to speed on the stocks you're interested in. To see all of the recent news for a given firm, you may search by stock ticker symbols on the trading software platform.

Scanz Stock Scanner Trading Signals


Scanz provides trade signals without much thinking.

Trade signals are an important aspect in any form of trading, and there is a large amount out there for traders to choose from.

Scanz aims to simplify this process by cutting through all the noise to provide signals that traders can trust.

It does not require you to input any information and helps reduce manually searching which can be the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of trading stocks.

Scanz is a new app that provides trade signals without much thinking on the part of the trader.

Scanz also has a simple interface and expertly analyses any stock.

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to make trades, Scanz is the app for you.

Scanz Stock Trade Signals Features


  • New Highs
  • New Lows
  • Price Breakouts
  • Volume Breakouts
  • Block Trades
  • Filter Stock Markets
  • Filter Stock Types
  • Filter Settings
  • Watchlists

Scanz Stock Scanner Software – 7-Day FREE Trial Sign Up

Scanz Montage Window Features


If you’re looking for an easier way to get around, look no further than Scanz Montage Window Features.

You have got everything you need to make navigating scanning for stocks effortless.

Stay in the know with current trends, trade setups, relevant technical indicators, Scanz Montage Window has the answer.


  • Beautiful Charts
  • Level 2 Stock Quotes
  • Time and Sales
  • Market Maker Signals (Read More Details Here)
  • News
  • Companies Stock Fundamentals
  • Lots More

Level 2 Stock Quotes (and Market Maker Signals)


Scanz Level 2 stock quotes offer a quick and easy way to view in-depth order book trades and market maker signals.

Scanz Level 2 stock quotes provide all of the most recent market data for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, indexes, futures contracts, penny stocks, and more.

Scanz Level 2 stock quotes are updated in real-time with prices for securities in all sectors.

Would Scanz Be A Good Fit For My Trading?

To determine if Scanz is right for you, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What type of trader are you?
  • How many charts do you usually have open at once?
  • Do I need Level 2 market maker data and quotes?
  • Do I want to be able to create custom scans and add filters?

Scanz Trading is a fast-growing online trading platform. The platform has been around for several years, and it has gained popularity due to its simplicity and usefulness for beginner and large-scale professional traders.

Scanz is a good fit for any trader because it allows them to track and analyze their portfolio and makes it easier than ever before to take advantage of the market with an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.

In this short amount of time, they have already attracted many new customers. With so many other platforms, Scanz is a big contender.

Scanz brings a wealth of excellent features and is very well worth the investment.  Your portfolio, however, should be sizable enough to justify the monthly cost.

Final Review, Is Scanz Worth It?

Investing can be difficult. Scanz makes it easy for you to find the best stocks available to trade. Scanz provides the best solution for independent traders who wants to trade stocks from their computer.

Scanz Stocks Scanner Software will help you find trading opportunities quickly if you can afford to absorb the higher monthly costs.

It is quickly becoming a recognized contender as one of the easiest to use, and best stock scanner software’s to help you discover stocks with high potential returns.

Keep in mind; it is essential to combine any stock scanner tools with a well-thought-out and proven trading strategy as you require both to succeed in trading.

With a diverse selection of stocks and charts, level 2 market maker data, Scanz is a helpful tool for those looking to build a portfolio.

Your first 7-days are included for FREE in the trial for new users.

Download Scanz Stocks Scanner Software FREE For 7-Days And Try How Easy It Is To Use For Yourself!

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