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Download Trade-Ideas Software. Trade-Ideas program is a powerful AI trade scanner that can be accessed both on your browser and as downloadable software for Windows.

It provides you with real-time stock quotes and trade ideas from the market all in one platform. With many preloaded scanners, you can scan stocks, options, and futures in real-time.

The software also provides trade alerts and trade ideas for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and indices.

Trade-Ideas has been designed to help users by trading more efficiently, so if you’re looking for an edge over the competition, download it today and get started!

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Download the latest production version of Trade Ideas Pro AI, Version 4.2.182.

Once you download TI Pro AI from the internet, there will be an icon on your desktop. Double click it, and Trade Ideas will open on your computer.

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How To Download And Install Trade-Ideas AI Scanner

What Are The System Requirements To Run Trade-Ideas

Trade-Ideas is a new trading system that you can use to improve your investment strategies. It requires at least 4 GB of RAM and 1.5 GHz processor speed, or better.

Trade-Ideas has been designed for traders who are looking to automate their trades with intelligent algorithms to make investing less work-intensive on the go. The software works well if users have certain minimum specifications:

Windows 10Windows 10Windows 10
32-bit system bus64-bit system bus64-bit system bus
(dual or quad core)
(dual or quad core)
(dual or quad-core)
4 Gigs of RAM8 Gigs of RAM16 Gigs of RAM

The current release works with both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Trade-Ideas Scanner For Mac

Mac computers need to use Trade-Ideas software on an alternative platform that supports the Windows operating system, and the installation of Boot Camp Assistant or Parallels is required.

Mac computers can use Trade-Ideas software with one of the following four options:

1. Trade-Ideas Web Scanner

Trade-Ideas has a new product called Trade-Ideas Web. It is an easy-to-use version of the software that gives you most of Trade Idea’s core scanning and alerting functionality, but it can only be accessed from any web browser on any machine.

2. Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant is a feature native to newer Macs that allows you to run Windows in which Trade-Ideas Pro AI can function.

One drawback is that each time you want the switch from OS X to Windows or vice versa, it takes a while because of the restarting process involved in changing operating systems.

3. Parallels

Parallel is Mac OS’s answer to Boot Camp, and it will allow you to run both environments on your computer at the same time. But that isn’t all – Parallel offers a great feature called “Toggle Mode.”

With this mode enabled, you can switch between Windows and macOS with just one click.

This means that even if Trade-Ideals Pro AI runs slower in Windows, you are still able to

4. Amazon Web Services Virtual Windows Desktop

Using Amazon Web Services Virtual Windows Desktop is the best solution for Trade-Ideas. It allows power users to run their AI-powered auto trading strategies on a virtual desktop that always has access and updates.

It’s accessible anywhere, anytime from any device, whether you’re using your laptop or mobile phone.

Trade-Ideas Scanner Price

Do you want to know the Trade-Ideas Premium Vs. Standard Scanner Costs? The monthly cost subscription for Trade-Ideas Premium Scanner is $228 USD per month.

Alternatively, the monthly cost subscription for Trade-Ideas Standard Scanner is $118 USD per month.

The benefits of subscribing to Trade-Ideas Scanner are that it provides individuals access to various opportunities they might not have had otherwise.

These include earning from the trading activity and accessing various educational materials and video content.

Check out the Trade-Ideas features comparison below.

Trade-Ideas Scanner Pricing

Trade-Ideas Pro AI FeaturesPREMIUMSTANDARD
Real Time Simulated TradingIncludedIncluded
Live Trading RoomIncludedIncluded
Real-time Streaming Trade IdeasIncludedIncluded
Simultaneous Charts2010
Chart Based Visual Trade AssistantIncludedIncluded
Up to 500 Price AlertsIncludedIncluded
Channel Bar—Curated WorkspacesIncludedIncluded
A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—HollyIncludedNot Included
Chart Based A.I. Trade AssistanceIncludedNot Included
Entry and Exit SignalsIncludedNot Included
Risk AssessmentIncludedNot Included
Build and Backtest any Trade IdeaIncludedNot Included
Autotrade w/ Brokerage Plus and A.I.IncludedNot Included
Cost$228 Monthly$118 Monthly
Trade-Ideas Premium vs Standard and Trade-Ideas scanner cost.
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Trade-Ideas Scanner Free Layout Downloads

Trade-Ideas Scanner Free Layout Downloads is a plugin that helps you create layouts to share with other Trade-Ideas platform users.

You can share a layout template for a specific individual scan by creating a custom Trade-Ideas cloud link URL.

The unique cloud link URL can be shared with another person to allow someone else to import the same Trade-Ideas screener settings as you into their Trade-Ideas software.

We have created and shared many different scan templates below to save you time and help you find daily real-time Trade-ideas scans.

With the below done for your templates, your Trade-Ideas scans can be functional in minutes.

This blog post will provide you with step-by-step instructions for downloading these Trade-Ideas settings layouts and how you can import them into your Trade-Ideas scanner application.

Check below for a detailed review of all the different scan templates we have shared.

Trade-Ideas Layout Download

Need a Trade-Ideas scanner layout to download?

Trade-Ideas has a new cloud feature that allows you to save and share layouts to the cloud in your account.

This is perfect for those users with multiple computers or looking for a way to share their layouts with others.

The embedded cloud function means that all of your saved layouts will be available on any computer you sign in on, without the need to download or upload anything.

If you’re interested, here is how it works, and we have provided pre-configured layouts that you can easily import to your Trade-Ideas account.

  1. First click on the FILE tab
  2. Next, select LOAD FROM CLOUD
tradeideas load from cloud

3. The below IMPORT SHARED LAYOUT window will pop up and appear.

tradeideas load from cloud2

4. Copy the following URL string for importing from the Cloudlink

5. Past the URL string into the blank Load From Cloud link screen, and click Load

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Trade-Ideas Cloud Links is Trade Ideas’ link-sharing platform that permits you to view a Trade-Ideas strategy that someone has generated and shared.

If the cloud URL is given, you may also immediately import another person’s charts and AI scanning strategy indicators into your Trade-Ideas software.

Trade-Ideas Scanner Settings (Download Layouts For Penny Stock Scans)

How do I set up scans for day trading penny stocks? The Trade-Ideas Scanner Settings page allows you to customize how your scanner searches for trades in the market.

The settings are easy to configure, and you must take some time to understand what each rule does to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

If you are looking for a way to find penny stocks, it is essential to have the best stock scanners that can be downloaded and imported into Trade-Ideas.

You may create your custom scans or use some of the already made penny stock scanner settings below that are immediately ready to use.

We have compiled a list of customized penny stock scanners with descriptions below.

These day-trading penny stock scanners will help you find the best penny stocks to trade.

Trade-Ideas Gap Scanner

The Trade-Ideas Gap Scanner is an ai algorithm that looks for significant gaps between the current and previous price of the stock.

The Gap Scanner can display stocks gapping upwards or gapping in a trending direction on the trade ideas platform.

When gaps occur, trades may be taken accordingly to take advantage of these new trends to maximize gains.

A gap is simply a price differential between two securities. Gaps can be caused by anything from company news to new markets.

They can also arise when there is an imbalance in supply and demand for the security that has a large order on one side of the book.

When you spot gaps, it’s essential to act before they close up again.

  • Trade-Ideas Gap Scanner Cloudlink Download

Gappers Upwards:

Gappers Downwards:

Trade Ideas Stock Gappers Upwards Downwards
  • Gap Continuation / Gap Reversals Cloudlink Download

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Gappers

Trade-Ideas Breakout Scanner

The Trade-Ideas breakout scanner is a tool that allows you to scan for stocks with high volatility and applies advanced pattern recognition algorithms to detect breakouts.

It provides traders with a quick and easy way to find trending patterns in the market.

Trade-Ideas Breakout Scanner finds stocks with the potential of the price breaking out from an established pattern.

For example, a continuation or reversal pattern on any timeframe, breakout of resistance, and allowing you to use customizable filters. 

The Trade-Ideas pro ai is a powerful tool that scans for stocks with upside breakout opportunities.

It provides traders with the information to make informed decisions about their trades.

  • Trade-Ideas Breakout Scanner Cloudlink Download

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Breakout Scanner

Trade-Ideas Pullback Scanner

The Trade-Ideas Pullback Scanner allows you to find stocks showing signs of a short-term pullback.

This is not necessarily indicative of the stock’s long-term prospects, but it does give you an idea about what we can expect shortly.

The Trade-Ideas Pullback Scanner alerts you when stocks in the market are starting to show signs of a potential pullback.

It helps you find stocks currently trading at a discount and may probably rebound soon.

  • Trade-Ideas Pullback Scanner Cloudlink Download

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Pullback Scanner
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Trade-Ideas Reversal Scanner

The Trade-Ideas Reversal Scanner identifies stocks that have experienced a significant change in the consensus price forecast and trade volume.

This scanner is designed to identify potential market turning points by scanning for stocks with increased or decreased trading activity, which may signify a coming reversal of a trend.

  • Trade-Ideas Reversal Scanner Cloudlink Download

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Reversal Scanner

Trade-Ideas Volume Leader Scanner

Trade-Ideas Volume Scanner is a tool for scanning volume and identifying potential trading opportunities.

Trade-Ideas Volume Scanner will scan the most recent data from the desired exchange to find stocks with unusual or abnormal volume patterns that may be tradable.

Trade-Ideas Volume Scanner is a powerful tool that allows traders to quickly scan for stocks with the highest volume of shares traded.

This can help you identify stocks that are becoming popular, which may lead to an increase in price.

  • Trade-Ideas Volume Scanner Cloudlink Download

Trade Ideas Stock Volume Leader Scanner
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Trade-Ideas Unusual Prints Scanner

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Unusual Prints Scanner

Trade-Ideas Relative Strength Index (RSI) Scanner

Trade Ideas Penny Stock RSI Scanner

Trade-Ideas Candlestick Patterns

Trade Ideas Penny Stock Candlestick Scanner

Trade-Ideas Sector Leaders Scanner

Trade Ideas Sector Leaders

Trade-Ideas VWAP Scanner

The Trade-Ideas VWAP scanner is a powerful tool that allows you to scan the entire market and find stocks trading at or near their volume-weighted average price.

It also calculates the percentage of volume traded at those prices.

The VWAP Scanner can be great for finding stocks to buy, but it is even better for selling into strength.

It can be used across many different time frames, which means that you will always find the ideal trending stocks.

Trade-Ideas VWAP Scanner scans the stock market for stocks trading near their VWAP and then alerts you when it finds a trade opportunity.

You can set your threshold to define what constitutes an exciting trading situation.

Still, the Trade-Ideas screener will also provide other technical analyses on the stock’s charts to help you decide whether or not this is an excellent time to buy shares in the company.

  • Trade-Ideas VWAP Scanner Cloudlink Download

Trade-Ideas Bull-Flag Scanner

The Bull Flag Scanner is a system that will monitor stocks for you and notify you when it finds potential bull flag setups.

This powerful scanning tool can save hours by analyzing the market for opportunities on your behalf.

The Bull Flag Scanner identifies stocks at or near a bull flag formation. Bull flags are a simple yet powerful pattern used in technical trading.

The bull flag is characterized by a long upward trend followed by a downward trend that narrows and typically turns back up again. 

  • Trade-Ideas Bull-Flag Scanner Cloudlink Download

Entire Layout Download

Trade-Ideas University

Trade-Ideas University is a resource designed to help traders develop their skills to trade stocks successfully.

Trade-Ideas offers many resources, including video tutorials, educational articles, and detailed market analysis reports for each stock on its platform.

They have compiled some of the best tutorials for you to watch.

If this is your first time trading stocks, or if you’re looking to brush up on your skills, these videos are a great place to start. Trade-Ideas offers articles and reports covering investing strategies from beginner to advanced.

Trade-Ideas Login

Trade-Ideas Login:

Once you register on Trade Ideas, a wealth of information is waiting for you.

The site has a login or registration to sign up for an account. You must have an email address and create a username to use the website.

In addition, members are required to provide their name and phone number before they can proceed with registering on Trade-Ideas.

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Key Takeaways

The trade-ideas scanner software is designed to be easy and intuitive for traders of all skill levels.

This means that you can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes, which will allow you to start trading more efficiently sooner rather than later.

Trade-Ideas has been designed with the trader’s needs in mind by providing them with information on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and indices to make profitable trades as quickly as possible.

Our blog post has focused on scanner settings for Over-The-Counter (OTC) Penny Stock scanner settings you can download and quickly load in your scanner settings using the Cloudlink URL download easy option.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, download it today and Sign Up Here.

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