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Trading is a complex but good process that most people want to try. Of course, some people end up trying it, but only a certain percentage of those who try become successful.

The difference is always in their tools, self-discipline, and confidence.

One common thing between all traders, even those who have become successful, is making mistakes.

However, conducting self-analysis and identifying what mistakes they’ve made, and not repeating the same mistakes, make successful traders.

Traders who understand the value of tracking and journaling their trades use different tools to keep a history of their transactions. One such tool is TraderVue.

TraderVue is a social media platform or a trading journal where traders can share and analyze their stock trades.

TraderVue Trading Journal Tracking Software

This article will introduce:

What Is TraderVue

As earlier stated, TraderVue is a trading journal that also works as a social media channel for traders.

Therefore, this allows traders to use this platform to share their trading history.

The main essence of this journal is to help traders share ideas amongst themselves on how to make their trading better.

Think of it like other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; only here, it’s exclusive for traders.

It also has unique features that allow traders to import their trading history at once, better than a regular spreadsheet.

Key Features

TraderVue has several essential features that can help you analyze the effectiveness of the strategy that you’re using.

Some of the features are free, while you’ll have to pay to use the other enhanced features.


The journal is the main feature of TraderVue, where it lists all the trades that you’ve entered chronologically.

The journal contains a filter feature which means that you can sort your data according to date, tag, or stock symbol.

Moreover, you can use the search feature to access all the notes regarding the trades that you entered in your journal.


Another essential feature of TraderVue is the analytics feature. Every trader should analyze their trading activities.

TraderVue will use the data imported to create intraday and multiday reports, having all the entry and exit points marked.

Some of the reports generated by the platform include the following:

  • Risk analysis reports
  • Comparison reports
  • Liquidity reports
  • Tick based reports

While you can get some of these reports for free, you can only generate the others under a paid plan.


As earlier mentioned, TraderVue also works as a social media platform.

This allows traders to share their trades. You can tell others about your trading plan and its outcome.

When sharing your trades, ensure that you also share the losing ones, as that will help you learn how to avoid mistakes.

Mentoring and Coaching

Traders who have subscribed to the silver or gold plan can enable the mentoring tab on their accounts.

Without a doubt, this will allow mentors (they should also have a silver or gold plan) to access the read-only option in their journal.

The mentors will then help spot specific trends and leave comments to help you avoid losses.

Broker Compatibility

Different traders work with various online brokers. So, when using TraderVue, ensure that it’s compatible with the broker you use.

In addition to this, it will help avoid complications such as manually uploading data to the journal instead of automatically importing the data.

On the positive side, TraderVue is compatible with renowned brokers such as TradeZero, Lightspeed, among others.

Customer Support

TraderVue has a helpful FAQ section on their main page to help with users’ questions.

There are also articles and various video tutorials to guide information on the multiple aspects of the platform.

The video tutorials guide users on the new features.

Signup For A FREE TraderVue Account

Pricing And Plans

TraderVue offers three plans; free, silver, and gold. Here’s a detailed comparison of the plans:

Free Plan

The free plan is the basic plan and is most suitable for starters. In this plan, traders access 100 stock journals to trade entries every month. They also get limited reports showing performance from various periods. Traders can also share their trading history.

While this plan appears to have limited features, it still has the fundamentals to satisfy any trader looking for a primary trading journal.

Silver Plan ($29/mo.)

The silver plan has advanced features such as a broader asset class and no trade restrictions. However, these advanced features come at the cost of $29 per month. Some of the features included in the plan are the following:

  • Enhanced journals
  • Unlimited trades
  • Sharing
  • Ability to download data to Excel
  • Stocks, Forex, Options, and Futures
  • 1GB of image storage
  • Ability to alter base currency

This plan makes it easy for traders to produce financial reports using the built-in download data in Excel format.

Gold Plan ($49/mo.)

The gold plan is best known for its risk analysis tools that help track and manage risks. This way, traders can develop an exit strategy to sell. Moreover, traders can access the liquidity reports if they want them later.

Some of the key features of the gold plan include the following:

  • Risk analysis
  • Liquidity reports
  • Exit analysis

TraderVue Features And Plan Costs

FREE $0/MoSilver $29/MoGold $49/Mo
Number of trades100/monthunlimitedunlimited
Trade import from brokers (supported list)
Stocks and ETFs
Automatic price charts on multiple timeframes
Entries/exits shown on price charts
Tagging and filtering
Overview reports
Detailed reports
Share trades with community
Futures support
Forex support
Options support
Intraday and running P&L charts
Renko, Volume Bar, and Range Bar charts
MFE/MAE statistics
Interactive drill-down reports (details)
Advanced reportsmore than 100more than 300
Multiple independent trading accounts
Download/Export to Excel
Image uploads and storage1 GB5 GB
Mentoring (details)
Price chart studies and comparisons
Adjust auto-merge and auto-split settings
Include P&L data with shared trades
Selectable base currency (details)
Risk tracking and reporting (details)
Exit analysis (details)
Commission and fee support (details)
Liquidity reports (details)

Pros And Cons

TraderVue has different and powerful tools that any trader would love to have at their disposal.

However, like any other software, it has some disadvantages too. Here’s a list of the pros and cons.

Pros of TraderVeu

  • It has powerful and advanced analytics to help traders identify mistakes and make more successful trades
  • The platform is user-friendly as it’s highly customizable
  • It’s easy to import trade data from outside sources as it’s automated
  • It has a free-tier account, so starters can try it out before moving to the paid plans

Cons of TraderVeu

  • It’s not compatible with all trading platforms and brokerage accounts
  • Charts and reports cannot be customized
  • The support offered is centered on the platform’s features only without any educational platform to learn about the data


TraderVeu is an excellent trading journal that every investor should consider having.

It’s easy to create an account and navigate the features inside, thanks to the free videos and articles on the main page.

Also, if you’re skeptical about its significance, you can start with the basic plan then only upgrade to a paid plan if you’re satisfied.

While there are some cons, the pros make the software worth trying.

Your first 100 trades per month are included for FREE for new users.

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