Tradytics Review: Stock Options Trading Software 2022

by OTC Financial | Last Updated: 1 year ago
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Tradytics is a powerful, AI-driven trading toolkit that makes your trading process convenient and comprehensive, and you can access real-time stock and options information to increase your chances of success in trading.

Tradytics is created from the ground up to be efficient, convenient, and straightforward.

It offers all the information you want in an easy-to-read format while integrating state-of-the-art features.

The product is also easy to use and fully adaptable to your requirements, and it can help save money and time.

What Will You Learn:

Tradytics market dashboard

What Is Tradytics?

The information you have about various stocks and items you want to trade is pivotal in trading.

This is what makes the difference between success and failure.

However, gathering all that information can be complicated. It requires a lot of time and manual labor.

That’s why it can be difficult for some traders to achieve success. That’s where Tradytics comes into play.

During our Tradytics review, we checked the Tradytics tutorial and used this app to see what it can do and its features.

Right off the bat, Tradytics makes it easy for you to leverage data analytics and AI so you can access all the information you need.

You don’t have to worry about losing data that the big guns in the finance/investing world have.

Thanks to AI, the Tradytics app can offer that for you.

It’s a lot easier to boost the scope and growth of this tool, and the results are downright incredible.

Once you learn how to use Tradytics, you will notice that this app is working on millions of different data points.

The algorithm they created makes the research a lot simpler and more accessible.

You don’t need to waste time trying to gather the data yourself; the Tradytics AI bot does that for you fast and efficiently.

Price Plans

Tradytics has two price plans, depending on what you need. You can also find the Tradytics seasonality deals, Tradytics sale options, and various discounts.

There is a yearly Tradytics subscription; you do have the opportunity to pay monthly or yearly.

You can save 15% to 40% if you pay the annual option.

The two price points are $49 per user for the Individual plan and $199 for the Discord server owners.

The Individual plan covers live dashboards, live options flow, Discord premium, algorithmic analysis, crypto trade ideas, premium scanners, scalping, and AI trade ideas.

If you choose to go with the $199/month version, you get block trades, querying and auto-posting bots, insider trading, AI-driven trade ideas that give you an edge, and many more others.

It’s all very efficient and straightforward, giving you the upper hand.

Tradytics has a 7-day trial, which you can access right from their website.

It simplifies trading while eliminating all the potential worries and challenges from such trades.

What Bots Are Used By Tradytics?

Tradytics uses two different types of bots. The first type would be querying bots. In this case, the user types in a command, and bots are queried for research, trade ideas, options flow, etc.

Then you have the auto-posting Tradytics bot. This type of bot posts Discord content automatically, without any input.

All you need is to offer some webhook URLs, and then you can automate the entire process.

You can post trade ideas, large options sweeps, analyst upgrades, trading flow, scalping ideas, crypto breakouts and signals, important news, etc.

And then you have querying bots that cover AI predictions, algo flow, darkpool prints, darkpool levels, stock seasonality, and many others.

It’s important to note that Tradytics does have a free plan for the Discord version, but you can do only five queries per week.

You can only access query bots, options flow, crypto scans, algorithmic analysis, market stats, etc.

What Can You See On The Market Dashboard?

The Tradytics dashboard is very complex. Upon choosing your Tradytics membership, you will gain access to different, important information.

They cover stocks, options, cryptocurrency information, and market chatter.

The chatter feature is essential and helpful because it lets you know what’s in demand, which might generate quite a bit of profit.

Stock information is detailed; you can study various markets and see the biggest gainers and the biggest losers in the market.

Tradytics goes even further to provide sector rotations and sector performance to see what industries have a positive or negative outlook.

You also get to see market predictions. You can even track upcoming earnings and market news and check insider transactions of a considerable amount.

When it comes to Tradytics options, you have a lot of information.

You can see Spy intraday premiums, QQQ intraday premiums, highest put/call volume, and premium changes, complete with most OTM strikers, most significant flow, etc.

If you’re an options trader and learn how to use Tradytics, you will be happy with the many features and information.

Tradytics crypto information is also very comprehensive too.

They show the top coins, the current metrics, and the biggest gainers.

We liked the Tradytics review process because they also show the market predictions, ongoing airdrops, and the top exchanges you can check out.

What Market Chatter Does Tradytics Follow?

Based on our experience, the Tradytics discord content is very efficient, and it does share lots of info.

You have chatter regarding the entire market and news from various subreddits like PennyStocks, Investing, SPACs, Wallstreetbets, etc.

The Ticker Dashboard

The Tradytics dashboard is comprehensive and filled with important information.

The ticker information is an excellent option because you can set the tickers interested in and study performance based on price, projections, view data granularity, and many others.

Having tickers put in place means that you can access all the information whenever you need it while saving time.

You can have tickers for options, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

The Tradytics API is very detailed, and all the ticker information does offer a good insight into the performance of that stock, cryptocurrency, and other solutions.

Tradytics Flow Features

According to the Tradytics review on Reddit, the Tradytics flow features are some of the best on the market.

This options flow analysis tool analyzes millions of data points.

This way, you can narrow down the right trading ideas. Everything has real-time information, so you always know what to trade, how to do it, and how you can access all the information.

You can also access the Tradytics dark pool. The dark pool is an exciting tool because you get to see the bearish and bullish accounts, bearing stocks, indices flow, etc.

You have data updates every minute, so you can see all the info in real-time.

You can study market sentiments; you can even check the largest trades and study trades based on the most significant change in profitability.

Swing Trade Ideas

If you’re a short-term trader, you can use the Tradytics bot as a way to generate swing trade ideas.

The Tradytics tool is beneficial; it delivers a great Tradytics ready flow where you can see what ideas will stick and what doesn’t.

The technical analysis and exemplary data flow provided here are incredible.

You get insight into what’s going to grow as a stock and what’s not exactly the best option.

That’s all the info you need to achieve great results and tremendous value.

They also have intraday trading features.

We believe these are very helpful because you get to know what stocks are suitable for a quick trade.

Our Tradytics review experience shows that this tool is particularly great for intraday trading.

This tool is incredible, potent, and comprehensive.

Tradytics Scanners

The Tradytics API comes with four different scanners. Scany is a swing trading scanner that checks thousands of other stocks to find the best trading signals.

On the other hand, Flash is an intraday stock trader; this one focuses on identifying high-quality signals in divergences, breakouts, flags, and many others.

Then we have Opintra, which is another intraday scanner. This one scans contracts, and then it grabs statistics so you can research and find the right signals to suit your requirements.

Tradytics has its own Crypto Scan too, and this one has filters like min/max price, changes every day or week, sector, volume, and so on.

All the scanners are high-speed, and the fact that you have multiple customization options for each of them is beneficial and efficient.

AI Portfolio

One of the most outstanding Tradytics features is its AI portfolio.

This tool is excellent because it allows you to identify the best investment opportunities right now.

You can even try to automate the investing process based on the information you get from these trading bots. It’s a very efficient solution and one that can help you grow your investment portfolio.

You always want to invest with a genuine focus on results and value, and that’s the thing that truly makes it shine.

It’s an extraordinary approach and one that you will appreciate more than you might expect.

Then you have tools like Polytics, Hedgies, and Peekaboo.

They are a delight to use, and you will be incredibly impressed with the efficiency and solutions they provide.

They even go further by offering you access to the Gambit intraday scanner, Yinyang, and Back Tester tool. It’s a great way to test your strategies based on Tradytics performance information.

This way, you can avoid wasting money while still obtaining excellent results. That’s what makes Tradytics such a great tool.

Tradytics Performance Monitoring

Tradytics has a section where you can study the weekly and monthly rolling performance.

It’s great because you get to see which stocks are the trade flow winners, the bullseye and bearish winners, and the bullish winners.

Accessing all this market information is helpful, and it does bring a lot of potential and great benefits for all users.

Is Tradytics Accurate?

When you use a tool like Tradytics, your focus is on getting the best and most accurate information.

Based on our Tradytics trading experience, the trade ideas provided here are very detailed and helpful.

Whether you are new to the trading world or a vetted professional, it’s imperative to access this type of information.

Having the AI do all the work can help you ensure you make the right choice while trading.

Still, no tool can replace your due diligence.

So while Tradytics is very powerful, the truth is that you still need to check the information before investing.

What Tradytics does is it helps you cut the time you would need to accumulate and process data.

You still need to check the results and see if you need to invest in whatever stock, option, or crypto you want.

Is Tradytics Worth It?

Based on our experience with Tradytics, this is by far one of the best trading tools you can find out there.

The Tradytics algo score is very accurate, and you do have great Tradytics support from this tool.

Learning how to use Tradytics is not that hard, and the best part is that you will find yourself impressed with the quality and ease of use.

On top of that, you have a mobile version of the app that you can use to monitor stocks.

You can use Tradytics free of charge with some limitations is also handy.

Granted, the system itself is not perfect; there are some glitches, especially in the mobile app.

However, the fact that you can test Tradytics before buying it does come in handy.

They even go further to offer a great insight into the business benefits of Tradytics, and it does eliminate any concerns for most users.


  • Tradytics has a comprehensive, very detailed dashboard
  • Direct access to AI-gathered trading data
  • Extremely powerful trading bots
  • Dedicated AI portfolio tool
  • Swing trading solutions
  • Live options flow
  • Detailed ticker dashboards
  • Unique Tradytics Discord bots
  • Mobile app


  • Tradytics can have some stability issues, especially on mobile
  • Pricing can be a bit high for the Discord server owners
  • No refund policy once you pay for any package

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tradytics stocks trading software provides traders with an impressive array of tools and data to help them succeed in the markets.

Its comprehensive dashboard provides a wealth of data to help traders make informed decisions, while its mobile app and live options flow make it easy to stay updated on the markets no matter where you are.

The live options flow and mobile app are beneficial, and the data is extremely powerful.

This makes tradytics an excellent choice for traders who want to improve their skills.

With Tradytics, you can trade with confidence and improve your day trading skills.

So if you’re looking for an advanced trading platform with all the bells and whistles, Tradytics is an excellent choice.

Looking for an edge in the world of day trading, be sure to check out Tradytics. Click Here.

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